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"Having Maggie as our realtor for the long-distance sale of our mother's home was a great choice! Maggie is knowledgeable and respectful; she was sensitive to our needs/requests and provided valuable advice throughout the process. The sale outcome was beyond what we were hoping for. She is a gem!!  Karin B. ~ 2018
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"Maggie Rogan is extremely helpful and professional. She helped us purchase and sell a wonderful home in Fallbrook. During the purchase she listened to what we wanted and only showed us the houses that fit within our budget and met our needs. She knows the area and all the resources to help you be successful. She was wonderful to work with. We had to move out of the area because of work and will miss working with her. She navigated the sale of our home quickly and efficiently. It was a quick sell and lots of things had to be done in a timely manner. She took care of everything!! She is the best agent and broker in the area!! Lori K. ~ 2018
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"If you need a realtor that is knowledgeable, has integrity and is honest, please use Maggie! We bought our house from her and it was quick and easy plus she took care of everything and communicated well! We also used her to sell our house this year and she was again efficient, honest, knowledgeable, and made the entire transaction easy and quick. Even when a neighbor's realtor tried to throw a wrench into the transaction, she solved the problem quickly and efficiently. I have used many realtors in the past and have never met one so honest and knowledgeable. If you want to buy or sell easily, by all means call Maggie!!!Sherry A. ~ 2018
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"Having Maggie help my family and me find the perfect property in Fallbrook was like no other experience I've had with realtors in the past. She is very knowledgeable and pleasant. She was attentive and patient with us and helped us through our home purchase on every level. She's also a great resource on local businesses and services and has suggested some great contractors locally, for which I am grateful! Highly recommended!"  Shahrzad A. ~ 2018
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"Moving from the SF Bay Area, we were unfamiliar with Fallbrook, and first met Maggie who showed us one of her listings. We loved her the minute we met her because she was truly more interested in helping us find the right home as opposed to pushing any of her listings. It took over a year for us to find the right home, but Maggie was patient and understanding as we became closer to her. We felt a trust with Maggie that is very rare in realtors and that closeness really helped us from getting emotionally attached to some properties that we got excited about at the time, but which we thanked her later for encouraging us to consider issues we hadn't considered. We ended up with a retirement home that was perfect to us, and she took care of all the details and issues to make the purchase and transition smooth. She also gave us names of several trustworthy contractors and service people and kept in touch with us since we moved here. We've bought many homes in our lifetime, but Maggie has been our favorite realtor and we highly recommend her."      Jeff P.  ~ 2017
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"I began searching for a realtor to help my family and I sell our home and buy another home in a new location. I searched Yelp and came across Maggie. I read the reviews and gave her a call. Maggie was there for us from the beginning. She was so knowledgeable and kind. She was able to get our house sold in only one showing. When we found our new home, she knew just how to negotiate fairly and what to ask for. If you are looking for someone you can count on, look no further. Maggie Rogan is an excellent real estate agent and I highly recommend her!"  Sandra E. ~ 2017
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"Our family really appreciated Maggie's help in the sale of our current home and the purchase of the next. We had a lot of requests/needs due to having a large family. We are so thankful for her help, patience and research. We will definitely recommend her to anyone that may be looking to sell or buy!" Marley R. ~ 2017
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"If you are a first time home buyer, Fallbrook Real Estate should be your first and only stop! Maggie took the time to listen to what we wanted, ask good questions, and only show us properties that fit comfortably into our budget. She didn't try to pressure us into any of the properties we looked at, and even helped us keep level heads about everything we were viewing. It is easy to get taken advantage of when you're buying your first home, and Maggie really took the time to watch out for us.

What makes Fallbrook Real Estate so amazing is that Maggie helped with EVERY step of the process. Maggie helped us find the PERFECT mortgage broker, Kathy Wilson, locksmith, HVAC, and more! When we found our dream house, our team spent the next 3 months walking us through every step of the scary process of finding your first home, down to negotiating with the seller's agent and bank. Again, I do not know how we would have done this without Maggie and Kathy holding our hands and keeping us calm." Kimberly W. ~ 2017
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"I've bought and sold numerous properties through out my life, so I have a great deal of experience working with various real estate agents. Choosing Maggie Rogan as my real estate agent was the perfect choice!

It's important when selling a high-end home that your agent provides your property with maximum exposure, not just in your local area, but in other cities and states as well. Within only a few days of my house being on the market, I started getting multiple viewings from buyers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Colorado, and even Florida.

The marketing materials, social media reach, and Maggie's suggestions on how best to stage my house for sale was critically important in helping me sell it quickly and optimizing my sell price.

She has my total recommendation as a professional and results-oriented real estate agent." Debbie T.  ~ 2017
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"I've done 3 real estate transactions with Maggie in Fallbrook and she really knows her stuff.  She knows the market very well and is a great negotiator. All three of my transactions have gone very smoothly because she stays on top of the small details and was in constant communication with me throughout the process.  She also has GREAT referrals to many trades in Fallbrook to help make any improvements needed/wanted.  I couldn't recommend a realtor more than I do Maggie!" Jim S. ~ 2016

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"Maggie Rogan offers an extraordinary combination of personal warmth and professional expertise that's very rare.  Her well-informed analysis of the market may be less apparent than her ease in handling people and dicey situations, but your home could not be better represented or your personal situation better understood.

Maggie put together a package to sell my craftsman-style bungalow that was so appealing, several close-to-full price offers came in the first weekend it was on the market. 

The escrow process is never easy, but with Maggie's cheerful attitude and her capable handling of every detail, we closed with ease. Maggie Rogan is just the best!" Lori M. 4-2016

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"We contacted Maggie to help us buy our retirement home - a home that is now very important to us due to "our story."  We wanted to find the right agent to facilitate the purchase and we chose Maggie because she is local, a part of the community, and is legitimately engaged in what happens in Fallbrook.  Neither my wife, nor I, knew anything about the area, except it appealed to us.

She helped us strategically make our offer, counter and eventually close the sale.  While the sale was pending and working its way through escrow, she was there by our side helping us understand what was going on any why.  She was totally accessible by telephone, text or email.  Maggie responded to our queries quickly and completely each time.  She is very thorough in her practices and processes.  We both have the greatest confidence in her professional abilities and skills.

Maggie is a fount of information regarding Fallbrook.  She had us up and running in no time suggesting restaurants, grocery stores, and took us to a couple unique nurseries while we were out and about.  Weeks after our purchase, she put us in contact with a plumber who did work for us on a weekend on short notice!

We wish her all the success she is due.  She has a couple of very happy clients here in Fallbrook."  L.C.J. 4-2016
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"We could not have been more pleased having you help us find a home in Fallbrook this past year.  You were incredibly patient and accommodating to our travel schedules.  You are sweet and kind and we consider you a friend. 
We adore you.

Maggie is our exclusive broker in the Fallbrook area, and she is the most knowledgeable and kindest professional you could ever work with.  Maggie is well informed and is a resource vs. a push salesperson.  We highly recommend Maggie to anyone interested in buying or selling Fallbrook area real estate!"   Jeff & Val -Feb. 2015
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"We are beyond pleased with the level of service we received as military members.  We really appreciated how smooth Maggie helped our transition become.  She worked around our schedules and always had a positive attitude.  She was recommended to us and we will in turn recommend her to others."  Al & Jody-Feb. 2015


"Maggie is the very best Realtor in Fallbrook, in our opinion.  Maggie is sweet, very honest, and wants the very best for her buyers.  We thank her for standing by us and not giving up on us buying a home.  We found the home of our dreams.  Thank you Maggie for all you have done for us.  You are a very special person and we will never forget your hard work to help us find this beautiful home in Fallbrook."  Carol & Bill

“You excelled beyond our wildest expectations in everything you did. You were sensitive and understanding of our needs and concerns over the selling of our home.    You understood our fears and worked with us to achieve a solution instead of a routine pat answer. Words do not express the gratitude we feel for all you have done for us.  You were prompt to answer all our questions and continually kept us calm during a difficult time in our life, transitioning from our home of 25 years to a new home.  We could not have asked for a better agent who was sweet, understanding, and knew her job.  We love you Maggie - Great Job!”  Paul & Donna Malleg

“Maggie, you are the BEST real estate agent we have ever dealt with. So professional, reliable, honest, and easy to work with. Your patience and persistence was extraordinary to help us find the right property and close the deal.  And YES, you may quote me!  Andy and I really appreciate EVERYTHING that you have done!” Lorri & Andy Firestone

“Your service was great! You obviously know the Fallbrook real estate scene. You were very upfront and honest with us, and you knew when to 'push' us without being obnoxious! All advice you gave us was pertinent to our situation and you stuck with us through thick and thin (even when we were obnoxious!) We can't thank you enough for your perseverance. It was great working with you!!" 
John & Cathie Burkholder

“For almost a year we had traveled to the Fallbrook area from Orange County looking for a home to settle into. After viewing websites to find a Realtor we came across Maggie Rogan. Her website was easy to navigate and you didn't have to register for "junk mail" in order to just view her properties-that was a breath of fresh air in itself.

Maggie doesn't just sell you a home; she finds you a house you call "Home." Quickly getting an idea of what we wanted and setting us up on automatic e-mails of properties in our parameters was a huge time-saver. She is the most personable, knowledgeable, and hardworking Realtor who does everything in your best interest, really looking out for you, the client.  Our hats off to you Maggie...no wonder you are so successful! BIG mistake if you use someone else to buy or sell your home.
Steve & Diana Miller

 "Your professionalism and service was exemplary! We are so grateful to you for the outstanding help, support, fun and enthusiasm you provided us when we bought our home. We can't recommend you highly enough!!"  Andy Armstrong

"Personal, caring, highly knowledgeable, detail-oriented service! I could not have had a better home-buying experience!" 
Katherine Garrett

"Your service was excellent! We always felt assured that our concerns and questions were addressed. We would use you again because we can trust you!"
Ron Hall & Brent Kiesel

"Your service was professional, expert and personalized. I was impressed and extremely happy and satisfied. It's a pleasure working with you!"
Lloyd & Betty Romero

"It was outstanding / very personable / respectful, a joy working with you. You were great, and made the process enjoyable, not stressful!"
Tracy & Tamara Thorpe

"Very pleasant association in selling my Fallbrook home. Courteous service and quick to take care of details. Consistent follow-up. Best wishes!"
Dr. V. Robert Allen

"We can´t thank you enough for your help selling our home. As you know, we were very sad to have to make that decision. You advised us very well. You gave us an honest appraisal of our home; you showed us the comps; and we took your professional advice for the listing price. You had a great marketing plan and the photographer took great photos of our property and you put together a beautiful flyer and video for the internet. Considering the market, our house sold quite quickly. You were also so patient in taking us around to look at properties to purchase. And you did find us the perfect home and we LOVE it. Thanks to you, you turned a sad event into a happy one. Maggie, you’re THE BEST!” Patty & Bill Widas (also appeared in the  Fallbrook Village News as an open letter to the editor)

"Maggie, you did an excellent job of getting our home sold quickly during a terrible real estate market. You're excellent at what you do - great advice, great encouragement, and great professional skills!"
Kirk & Laila Bottomly

"In a very difficult market, our one-of-a-kind home sold at a very fair price entirely because their team employed creative and top-of-the-line marketing, which drew prospects from several states as well as from the surrounding communities. Additionally, 'being there' at every juncture made a huge difference in replying in a timely fashion to the many inquiries and nuances in this unique market. We were very grateful that your team was always reachable whenever an issue arose. The professionalism, personal touches, creative ideas, the absolutely beautiful virtual tour and brochures... all made selling at this time a possibility. We know from the quality of all you did for us, that your financial investment was huge, yet you never balked at adding even one more thing, if you believed it would sell our home. We are truly grateful for all your efforts!"
Elizabeth & Jerry Baumgart

 "You did a wonderful job! After viewing just a few houses with you, we realized how perceptive you are, and we felt confident you knew exactly what type of homes would be of interest to us. So although we worked mainly long-distance with you and communicated primarily by e-mail, we felt assured you recommended viewing only those houses that entirely suited our requirements. Also, you are an excellent communicator and always addressed our concerns very promptly!
Ian Farrell & Bob Barnett

"She put together an aggressive (and impressive!) marketing campaign that brought immediate results. During escrow, she handled every detail and was constantly in touch, keeping me well informed throughout the entire process. I can't recommend her highly enough!" Mary Nolan

 "I was very pleased with your service! Maggie was able to graciously and professionally meet my real estate needs by asking about and responding to what I wanted in a condo. Her support and understanding was very much appreciated! Thanks!" R. Lewis

"She is a very thorough and competent real estate agent who listens and follows through for a successful result. I was impressed with her advocacy skills and general knowledge of real estate practices, as well as her sense of ethics." D. McClaughlin

"I felt extremely confident in your abilities as well as the services to sell our home. She was always in touch, worked hard, and sold the house! Nobody could have done it better!" Allan & Joyce Oblow

"You were wonderfully supportive throughout the whole process. Thank you!" E. Davis

"Completely outstanding professional service - with integrity! Could not be better, Thanks! "
Don & Karen Norris

"The service you provided was excellent! It was a pleasure working with you - don't change a thing - you're great!"
Dale & Susie Huntington

"We were extremely pleased with your services. You were professional, thorough, personable, and attentive to our wants and needs. Your advise throughout was right on and we couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. Thanks so much!" Marty & Lisa Ogan

"Just wanted to let you know that I think your web page is the best around--I am deployed to Iraq at the moment and am trying to help my wife Kim find a place to buy in North County. Your site is the fastest and easiest to use (which is very helpful out here due to the extremely slow bandwidth over satellite.)" S. Workman

"Your team set the standard for all of our home buying experiences in the future. Your professionalism, knowledge of the business, and skill at understanding the human side made the process effective, efficient, and painless. Thank you!"
Dr. Lois Frankel

"Thank you so much for all of your help in the purchase of our new home in Fallbrook. The service we received was absolutely outstanding! Not only were all of our questions answered on the spot, our phone calls were returned promptly, and our house viewing was planned out in advance with a professional packet (including a listing sheet for each home and a map). Your company made it extremely easy for us to view homes in an area that was a substantial distance from where we were currently living. I would gladly recommend your company to anyone who is looking to sell or purchase a home. We have fallen in love with the Fallbrook area, and are extremely pleased with the service that we received. Everyone was extremely professional, courteous, and a pleasure to do business with. We always felt like a top priority. Thanks again!"
Tracey & David Gans

"I started out trying to sell my land myself. There was a lot of response, but it wasn't selling. It was a great relief to turn it over to Rogan and Associates. They did an extremely professional job of pricing, advertising, and handling the escrow!"A. Peterson

"This was a great time dealing with a major sale. I had the best personalized service. Keep doing what you do... It is the best!!!"
Mike DeYonker

"We enjoyed working with you! You were very responsive to our needs and handled things in a timely and effective manner (this was essential given our super busy schedule). You show you take pride in your work and care about your client's interests." 
Derek & Amy Jones

"Maggie Rogan has given me excellent service and attention to detail, which made the transaction as smooth as could be! Wonderful and a pleasure to work with!"
D. Lanker

"Excellent service!! You kept us well-informed throughout the entire process. You were especially strong when the escrow process got complicated because of difficulties with the seller. Anyone can be "good" when the transaction is easy, but you really showed your strengths when things got sticky!" 
Terry & Jenny LaRaia

"Maggie was wonderful! We had to back out of our first escrow because of major structural problems. Maggie knew we were pressed for time, and made extra efforts to help us find something new. At the same time, she warned us not to act hastily, and she helped us avoid another potential disaster by finding neighbors who knew the unhappy history of another house we looked at. When we settled on the house we now own, she negotiated brilliantly, helping us to obtain credits for the repairs we needed without alienating the seller. Buying is stressful, but Maggie made the best of it for us!"
Tom & Jill Lyon

Maggie Rogan
Maggie Rogan
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