Fallbrook's Art In Public Places Walking Tour Guide

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Start in the Town Center parking lot behind the Fallbrook Art Center (B). To the west is “Fallbrook Friends” a bronze sculpture located at the Fallbrook Public Library (A). Visit the library and see the large collection of permanent art pieces both inside and outside the building. The majority of the pieces were created specifically for the library by local artists.

Leaving the library head east past the Art Center (B) crossing Main St and enter the Vince Ross Village Square (D). At the entrance you will find two bronze sculptures, “Bearfoot in the Park (6) by Nancy Scott, and “Bonjour” (7) by Celou Bonnet. Inside the square there are two additional bronzes, “Watchful Eyes” (10) by Cliff Hollestelle and the newest bronze “The Larger Circle” (9) by Don Rambadt. This bronze is dedicated to the volunteers and philanthropists who support the community of Fallbrook. You will also see Fallbrook’s first mural (8) by four women, Kathleen Gee, Toni Inman, Neill Ketchum, and Liz Yamaguchi who painted the flora and fauna of our area on the wooden shack.

As you leave the square notice “Guardians of Freedom”(11) by Christopher Pardell, the bronze on the brick wall that is dedicated to our service men and women.
Continue east on Alvarado and proceed one and a half blocks to the corner of Alvarado and Vine where on the left you with see Peter Mitten’s “Yeibichai”(12) a bronze sculpture expressing Peter’s love of land formations and the canyons that wind behind and into our mountains. Walk past this sculpture towards the Fallbrook School of the Arts (C) on the north side of the street. Enjoy the intricacy of the “Fallbrook Fence” (14) a 2001 work by Wendell Perry. The iron fence incorporates found objects like railroad tracks, glass objects and aluminum. Near the front door of the yellow building is “The Childrens Totems” (15) a 2001 ceramic piece created by the students. On the east side of the yellow school building is a 2002 mural by Clayton Parker, “Building Pride through Beautification” (16).

Return to Main Street and notice the mural “Main Street Circa 1920” (5) by Jim Fahnestock on the corner of Main and Alvarado. Turn right on Main Street and go one block north to Hawthorne. Turn right to see the north side of the street where there is the new metal sculpture “Roots” (3) by metal artist Melissa Ralston. This piece installed in 2013 celebrates the work of the Save our Forest group in planting thousands of trees in Fallbrook. On the south side of Hawthorne is “Sleeping Indian Landscape” (4) by Brett Stokes depicting our agricultural history and the Santa Margarita River Valley.

Back to Main and north to Ivy Street, turn right. In front of the fire station is a life size bronze sculpture by Celou Bonnet, “Joy of the Rescue” (2). Return to Main Street and walk south to the front of Wells Fargo Bank and “Facts of Life” (19) a bronze by Glenna Goodacre. Walk south to Elder Street and turn left. On the south side of the corner building is “Santa Fe Crossing Main” (20) a Brett Stokes mural dedicated in 2008. Brett remembers hearing the train whistle on its serpentine journey through Fallbrook.
Turn back north on Main Street and return to the parking lot where you will notice a mural on the south side of the lot. “The Old Ones” (18) by local mural artist Brett Stokes honoring the local native people.

The rest of the public art can best be seen by driving to the location and then walking around. Return to Mission and drive south. The bronze “Totem Bird” (21) by art student Kort Heyneman stands in Jackie Heyneman Park at Beech Street and South Mission Road. This is a good place to park. If you walk south on Mission Road and at Ash Street turn left, you can walk over “The Ash Street Bridge”(22) created by Wendell Perry and Peter Mitten.

You may drive or walk down Mission Road to Fallbrook Street and see “The Happies” (23) by Barrett DeBusk in front of the May Ellis Elementary School.
Continue your drive south on Mission Road and turn left on Stage Coach Lane. Drive 3 miles and park at the Palomares House (E) home of the Land Conservancy and across the street from Dinwiddie Preserve. There are five bronze sculptures in the gardens of the House: “Tukwut”(25) by Duncan McKiernan, “Crowned Prince”(26) and “The Gathering Quail Family” (27) by William Ware, “Beacon” (28) by Don Rambadt and “The Dawning” (29) by Nancy Scott.

Once you have discovered these five art pieces, you have concluded the tour, with the exception of “Struggle Dance” by Don Connebear. This is located on Industrial Way just off of East Mission Road.

We hope you enjoyed your tour. Keep watching as Art in Public Places is always adding to Fallbrook’s Collection.
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